Paul Wendl In the field of obstetrics, an ultrasound(a.k.a. sonogram, or sonar) is the use of high-frequency sound waves to visualize the fetus, placenta, and other pelvic structures on a monitor screen. The patient can also view these images during the examination.

The results are very helpful in determining the health of the pregnancy, mother, and baby. Some of the information that can be gathered during an ultrasound are the age of the fetus, rate of growth, fetal position, number of fetuses, and detection of some birth defects. Depending on the progress of the pregnancy, the baby’s sex can be determined.

This procedure is safe, non-invasive, accurate, and cost effective. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete. We can perform this service in our office for you. Please discuss scheduling this procedure with your physician. In the area of gynecology, ultrasounds can be useful in examining pelvic organs and the breasts.

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